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Who's covering celebrity star power inside United Arab Emirates and Africa?

Invented for internet ideas that can effectively centralize and identify the elites of United Arab Emirates [UAE] and African States, companies and entrepreneurs are encouraged to take to task in building internet facilities covering celebrities living in these geographical regions; particularly so that natives and local folk living in these areas can enjoy reading about the lifestyles and activities of celebrities they like.

A list of UAE cities and African States can be found under the following URLs, so any new ventures founded that targets celebrities in these regions can prove promising due to the large metropolitan areas involved.

UAE Cities:

African States:

The domains provided herein are intuitive and tailored to accommodate the [UAE] and continent of Africa; they were particularly conceived for media companies and/or entrepreneurs that want to build an online community around celebrities living in such nations.


Additionally, the owner[s] will consider a licensing agreement to use these domains wherein $500K is paid at the outset, along with a guaranteed percentage of net income from service fees that shall be disbursed on a quarterly basis; and/or parties interested in acquiring these domains can propose a buyout payment as well. Please note that any buyout proposals for any of these domains shall be made in terms of multi-millions. Proposals for buyouts other than what has been suggested will be rejected by the owner. Serious inquiries only.

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